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The Struggle of The Working class

Marxism is summed up in the Encarta Reference Library as: “ A theory in which class struggle is a central element in the analysis of social change “. It means the main point of Marxism is about the struggle of the working class. Class struggle is a hypothesis which use by Marx to explain the change. Gidden in his book Kapitalisme dan Teori-teori Sosial Modern states that: “Teori Marx meliputi nilai lebih pada proses produksi. Benar bahwa, produksi mendapatkan nilai lebih dari penghasilan karena usaha maksimal pekerja. Tapi pada kenyataannya, usaha maksimal yang seharunya dibayarkan pada pekerja, tidak pernah dilakukan.” “Marx’s theory covers the surplus value in production process. It is true that a production get the surplus from its result because of the labors maximal effort. But the fact is the maximal effort which should be given to the labor for their effort, it has never been pay.”

So, it means the capital owner (later we call as bourgeois) takes the benefit from the labor. This class usually doesn’t do anything except take the benefit from its control toward production facilities. The actual job is only done by a class that Marx called as Proletarian. “Although Marx and its follower apply the theory of class struggle in all parts of history, but the best example for the class struggle is in the middle of 19th where society is divided clearly into 2 class: Class of Bourgeois /capitalist and Proletarian /Labor”.

According to Marx, production method needs Proletarian class but doesn’t need Bourgeois class. Thus, there is controversy between these classes. Each of them wants to take control of production facilities. Marx supports the Proletarian class. It is important to know about the characteristic of each class. Proletarian class is a class which fulfill its necessity merely by selling its power. It is different than Bourgeois which consist of the owner of production sources. Bourgeois is a class who meet the needs of its life mainly from the benefit, interest and fare.

There are also the others small class, but this class is commonly not relevant in understanding these conflict. Beside that, Marx’s theory confronts some problems related how to classify certain groups into its class system. For example Marx doesn’t explain which class the farmer is classified into. It commonly includes the farmer into group which is called as Small Bourgeois or Petite Bourgeois because they are land lord. In the other hand, Marx divided its definition about farmer into some groups which consist of Proletarian and Bourgeois, but it is never clear where he will puts the group of farmer which have a land and carry out their own land.

Plamenanatz in his book Man and Society: A Critical Examination of Some Important Social and Political Theories from Machiavelli to Marx (1963:293-300) state that “Marx also adds the other class in the lowest part of its classification which called as lumpenproletariat which consist of beggar especially is thief and so on. Marx is never explained whether it is impossible to include this group into Proletarian.”

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